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Hey guys! We're April and Austin, the husband and wife team behind the cameras of Massei Photography. Both of us were born and raised in a town called Mechanicsville, Va right outside of Richmond.  We have been married for 8 years but together for a total of 13 years. Austin is also in the Coast Guard, which has given us the opportunity to live in multiple states. We have lived in Houston, Tx, Elizabeth City, Nc, and now reside in Virginia Beach, Va. Together we were blessed with two very precious kiddos, a daughter and a son.  Anyone can tell you that the two of us together are probably one of the most relaxed, laid back and down to earth couples they know. We love, love, love our coffee, red wine date nights (when the kids go to bed), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (-Austin of course ) and our Netflix shows! Being together and doing things as a family is very, very important to us and we always try to make sure our kids know that and believe in that! We are very passionate about our faith and God, who we know is always leading us in the right direction. Photography is our passion and we absolutely love that we are able to share it with one another. We are so eager to meet you and ready to tell your story!